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SKF Endoskoop TKES 10F painduva toruga
SKF Endoskoop TKES 10F on esmavalik visuaalse kontrolli tööriist teie masinate sisemuse uurimiseks. See vähendab vajadust masin ülevaatuseks lahti võtta, säästes aega ja raha. Kompaktne 3,5-tollise taustvalgustusega ekraaniga ekraan võimaldab pilte ja videoid salvestada aruandluseks ja teistega jagamiseks. Sellel mudelil on liigendatud ots võimsa muutuva LED-valgustusega, mida saab juhtida kuvarilt, võimaldades kontrollida pimedas ja raskesti ligipääsetavates kohtades.

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SKF Endoscope TKES 10F with flexible tube
The SKF Endoscope TKES 10F is a first line visual inspection tool to examine the internals of your machinery. It helps to reduce the need to disassemble machinery for inspection, saving time and money. The compact display unit, with 3.5” backlit screen, allows images and video to be saved for reporting and sharing with others. This model features an articulated tip with powerful variable LED lighting that can be controlled from the dispaly unit, allowing inspections in dark and difficult to reach locations.
High resolution miniature camera, with up to 2× digital zoom, gives a clear and sharp full screen image
Supplied with a 1 m (3.3 ft) flexible insertion tube
Small tip diameter of 5.8 mm (0.23 in), with a wide field of view, allows easy access to most applications
Supplied with a side view adapter allowing inspection of applications such as pipe walls
Powerful magnets, and a tripod mount on the back of the display unit, allow the display unit to be used “hands free”
Up to 50 000 photos or 120 minutes of video can be stored on the SD memory card supplied
Longer flexible and semi-rigid insertion tubes are available as accessories
Supplied in a sturdy carrying case and ready-to-use with all necessary cables, universal mains charger and cleaning kit