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Nominal seal width 7.5 mm
Shaft diameter range – max 24 mm
Shaft diameter range – min 21 mm
Seal design VA
Sealing lip material Nitrile rubber (NBR)

V-ring seals are axial shaft seals, available in a wide range of stock sizes and customized solutions for sizes above 2 000 mm or special requirements

V-rings are suitable for both grease and oil lubricated applications. For sealing grease lubricated bearing arrangements and protecting against contaminants, the V-ring should be arranged outside the housing cover or housing wall. Dust, water spray and other contaminants can be excluded in this position. The V-ring can also act as a grease valve, where used grease or excess new grease can escape between the counterface and the sealing lip. The installation of two opposing V-rings can be used in applications where lubricant retention and contaminant exclusion are of equal importance.

If V-rings are used to retain oil, they should always be located axially on the shaft on the lubricant side.

V-rings should not be submerged in the application medium.