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SKF Speedi-Sleeve
SKF Speedi-Sleeve provides an alternative to costly repairs for worn or damaged shafts. This thin-walled sleeve, specially developed by SKF, is simply positioned over the relevant part of the shaft and provides a smooth counterface that is optimized for radial shaft seals. Use of SKF Speedi-Sleeve can prevent the need for costly shaft treatments that may involve machining, hardening, plunge grinding or disassembly. SKF Speedi-Sleeve Gold is an enhanced version of standard SKF Speedi-Sleeve, offering improved resistance to abrasive wear.
Optimized countersurface
Cost effective
Well-proven solution

Nominal sleeve width 28 mm
Removable flange outside diameter 102 mm
Seal seat width 23 mm
Shaft diameter 90 mm
Shaft diameter range – max 90,07
Shaft diameter range – min 89,92