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SKF SYSTEM 24 TLSD refill set LHMT 68/SD250
The SKF LHMT 68/SD250 is a re-fill set for the TLSD single point lubricators. This set contains a canister filled with 250 ml of SKF LHMT 68 grease and includes a new battery pack (TLSD 1-BAT).The LHMT 68/SD250 is recommended as a direct re-fill set for TLSD 125/HMT68 and TLSD 250/HMT68, while it can be used with every TLSD lubricator. For using this re-fill set with a TLSD 1-DU, the support plate with integrated non-return valve TLSD 1-SPV is required and needs to be purchased separately.
Ready-to-use re-fill set including battery pack
Can be usaed with all TLSD lubricators
Filled with 250 ml of SKF LHMT 68
Quick and easy installation
User selectable emptying time up to 12 months

Lubricant LHMT 68
Lubricant description Chain oil
Lubricant quantity 250
Refill set for lubricator TLSD 125/HMT68;TLSD 250/HMT68;TLSD 1-DS with TLSD 1-SPV or LAPV 1/4