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Grid and gear coupling grease

LMCG 1 is a polyethylene thickened and mineral oil based grease which also uses a lithium complex thickening technology. The grease is formulated to withstand high centrifugal forces and high-torque applications for grid and gear (flexible) couplings even where severe shock loadings, misalignment and vibration occur. Leakage is prevented at high speeds and the grease is stable in consistency. The special additive formulations make the grease suitable for applications subjected to high loads, high torque, wet environments, a wide range of speed regimes and wide range of temperatures.

Features & benefits:

Excellent resistance to oil separation
High acceleration and high operating speeds
Excellent high-torque lubrication
High corrosion protection
Exceeds AGMA Type CG-1 and AGMA Type CG-2 requirements
High coupling wear protection
Excellent oxidation stability
Due to low oil bleeding tendency, suitable for use in centralized lubrication systems

Typical applications:

Grid couplings.
Gear couplings.
Flexible heavy duty grid and gear couplings.
Low maintenance cost and long life grid and gear couplings.
Typical industries

Heavy industries (mining, mineral processing, cement, steel, pulp & paper).
Marine industry.
General machinery (petrochemical, power generation plants, etc.).