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PHF FX60-50X80
FX keyless bushing, FX60
Bushings and hubs are available in many variants, offering specific benefits in power transmission applications ranging from automotive to papermaking. FX60 keyless bushings are designed to attach components to shafts using a 360-degree interference fit. With no keyway required, the shaft size can usually be reduced and only minimal machining is required. Installation is as simple as sliding the bushing into place and tightening it with the clamp screws.
Manufactured according to established market standards
Available in a wide range of metric and imperial bore sizes
Easily installed and removed using basic tools
True zero backlash
Reduced machining and material costs

Bore diameter 50 mm
Contact width 56 mm
Element width 64 mm
Outside diameter 80 mm
Width, total 72 mm

Bushing number FX60
Number of clamp screws 8