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KM 7
Lock nut with metric thread, for locking by lock washer
KM and KML lock nuts are used to locate bearings onto a shaft. They have metric threads and four equally spaced slots located around their circumference to accommodate a spanner. They should be locked by a lock washer to prevent unintentional loosening. KM and KML lock nuts can be reused, provided they are not damaged.
Simple, stable and reliable fastening element
Easy to install and remove
Reusable with a new lock washer
Available for thread M 10×0.75 to M 200×3 (sizes 0 to 40)

Bore diameter 35 mm
Outside diameter 52 mm
Thread designation M35x1.5
Width 8 mm

Associated mounting tool HN 7
Locking device Lock washer
Nut for hydraulic mounting No
SKF Hook spanner, size 7 2x HN 7
Lock washer for metric lock nuts MB 7