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Electric motor bearing grease
SKF LGHQ 2 is a mineral oil based grease using a di-urea thickener. It is suitable for electric motors and similar applications. It is specifically designed for usage with single point lubricators.

Features & benefits:
• Excellent dispensability in lubricators
• Extremely long grease life
• Wide temperature range
• High thermal and mechanical stability
• Excellent corrosion protection

Typical applications:
• Electric motors: Small, medium and large
• Industrial fans, including high speed fans
• Water pumps
• Rolling bearings in textile, paper processing and drying machines
• Vertical shaft application

Base oil type Mineral
Colour Blue
Corrosion protection ISO 11007 Standard (distilled water): 0-0;Water wash out: 0-1
DIN 51825 code K2P-30
EP performances DIN 51350 Wear scar DIN 51350/5,1400N: 2600 N
Lubricant LGHQ 2
Shelf life 5
Thickener Di-urea