KWO® CellFlon® leht pruun
sPTFE tihendileht

KWO® CellFlon® Sheet Brown on tihendilehtmaterjal, mis sisaldab struktureeritud PTFE-d ja ränidioksiidi.
KWO® CellFlon® Sheet Brown on eriti mõeldud kasutamiseks keemia- ja naftakeemiatööstuses.
Sobib enamiku kemikaalide tihendamiseks kogu pH vahemikus (0-14), sealhulgas tugevad happed, süsivesinikud, aur, lahustid või kloor.

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KWO® CellFlon® Sheet Brown


MATERIAL structured PTFE with Silica
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE in the entire pH range (pH 0-14, except molten alkali metals or elemental fluorine)
TEMPERATURE RANGE recommended temperature range: from -210°C (-346°F) to +260°C (+500°F), material heat resistant up to +315°C (+600°F)*
PRESSURE RANGE vacuum up to 80bar (1200psi) depending on the installation situation*
PHYSIOLOGICALLY INERT physiologically harmless in all recommended applications
DENSITY 2,20 g/cm³ ± 0,25 g/cm³

universal purpose applications
excellent sealability
reduced cold flow
easy to install and remove without residue
high chemical resistance
UV resistant, non-ageing, unlimited storable

flange connections
closing lids
process vessels