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PHG A34.5
Wrapped classical V-belt
Belts provide a very efficient and cost-effective method for transmitting power from prime movers to driven machines. Classical V-belts have pre-tensioned polyester cords that provide low stretch during operation and a fibre-loaded rubber cushion that gives good transverse rigidity. Being fully wrapped in a heavy duty industrial fabric, the belts have a high resistance against abrasion.
High flexibility
Low elongation during operation
Oil and heat resistant, with anti-static properties
Fully wrapped to resist abrasion
Reduced energy consumption and increased mean time between failures

Inner length 876 mm
Pitch length 900 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Width, top 13 mm

Cogged No
Material CR (polychloroprene)
Section A
Tensile cord Polyester
Wrapped Cover Yes