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SPA1600 hammasvööga

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Cogged raw-edge wedge belt
Belts provide a very efficient and cost-effective method for transmitting power from prime movers to driven machines. These raw-edge wedge belts have cogs on their inside that enable the belts to flex around smaller pulleys. Without fabric covering their flanks, raw-edge belts can provide a higher friction and a minimized loss of power through slippage. The EPDM synthetic rubber cushion can significantly increase the life of belt drives when operating at high ambient temperatures.
Excellent flexibility and high transverse rigidity
Low elongation during operation
Oil and heat resistant
Suitable for tropical climates
Reduced energy consumption and increased mean time between failures

Height 10 mm
Pitch length 1600 mm
Width, top 12.7 mm

Cogged Yes
Material EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer )
Section XPA
Tensile cord Polyester
Wrapped Cover No