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For conveyor roller chain lubrication
The CLK airless oil projection system is the simple, reliable and easy-to-install solution for lubricating the roller chains of industrial conveyors.
The system comprises a central unit with a reservoir, automatic system and volumetric pump for delivering a precise quantity of lubricant through projection nozzles to each point of friction of moving chain links. None of the system components is in mechanical contact with the chain, thereby eliminating any risk of wear and potential build-up of dirt. All components are corrosion-resistant. Nozzles and pipework are suitable for high temperatures (200 °C/400 °F).

Features and benefits

Reduces maintenance costs compared to manual lubrication (lubricant consumption and labor)
Eliminates manual lubrication and associated risks for staff
Improves productivity by eliminating unscheduled downtime
Lengthens service life as a result of reduced chain wear
Reduces energy consumption through decreased friction
Improves operator safety
Increases cleanliness owing to a reduction in excess lubricant

Industrial bakery oven chains or similar
Conveyors for grading, cleaning, cooking and pasteurising fruit and vegetables
Oven/dryer chains in all types of industries (food processing, construction materials, wood, etc.)
Handling conveyors
Floor conveyor chains in the automotive industry