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LHMT 68/5
Keskmise temperatuuriga ketiõli
Kõrge jõudlusega mineraalõli, mis on spetsiaalselt loodud keskmisel temperatuuril töötavate kettide määrimiseks. Sellel on suurepärased kulumis- ja korrosioonivastased omadused.

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LHMT 68/5
SKF chain oil LHMT 68
SKF LHMT 68 is a mineral based chain oil. It is ideal for medium temperatures and dusty environments like those of cement and material handling industries, where a high penetration and light film are required. Typical applications:• Conveyor chains• Drive chains• Lift chains
Increase chain life
Increase re-lubrication interval
Reduce oil consumption
Reduce energy consumption

Features & benefits:

Very good anti-wear protection
Very good steel and copper corrosion inhibition properties
Free from silicone

Typical applications:

Conveyor chains
Drive chains

Operating temperature range -20 – 100 °C
Recommended applications Conveyor chains
Drive chains
Lift chains. Medium temperatures.
Colour Yellow brown
Base oil type Mineral
Flash point, DIN ISO 2592 > 200 °C
Pourpoint, DIN ISO 3016 < -30 °C
Density (DIN 51757) at 20 °C (68 ºF) 0.88 g/cm³
Base oil viscosity, ISO 3104 at 40 °C ISO VG 68
Base oil viscosity, ISO 3104 at 100 °C 9
Steel corrosion, DIN ISO 7120 Pass (A test)
Copper corrosion, DIN 51811 (3h/100 °C (212 °F)) 1 max.
Available for single point lubrication Yes
Shelf life 5 year
Packsize 5 l can
Product weight 4.7 kg