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SKF Hydraulic Puller Kit TMHC 110E
The TMHC 110E is a hydraulic puller kit that comnbines a jaw puller and a strong back puller. The kit includes two arm sets with different lengths that can be used in 2-arm or 3-arm configuration and a back puller with a maximum reach of 250 mm (9.8 in.). The hydraulic spindle with safety valve enables safe and effortless dismounting for various bearings and components. The spring-loaded centre piece and self-locking puller arms further support safe and easy puller operation.
Versatile kit with two different arm lengths usable in 2-arm or 3-arm configuration and strong back puller
Effortless dismounting with hydraulic spindle
Self-locking arms minimise risks of slippage under load
Spring-loaded centre point allows easy puller centring
Supplied with two hydraulic spindle extension pieces to allow quick adaptation to required pulling length
Hydraulic spindle is equipped with safety valve to prevent puller overload

Contents 1x arm-assembly stand;3x arms 65 mm;3x arms 115 mm;1x separator set;1x beam;2x main rods;2x extension rods 125 mm;1x hydraulic spindle (TMHS 100);2x extension pieces for hydraulic spindle with 50 and 100 mm;1x nosepiece with centre point for hydraulic spindle;
Maximum stroke 80
Nominal working force 100
Total weight (incl. case) 13.5