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TMJL 100
SKF Hydraulic Pump TMJL 100
The SKF TMJL 100 pump is mainly intended for use with hydraulic nuts (? HMV 92E) to mount bearings or components where a maximum pressure of 100 MPa(14,500 psi) is required. The TMJL 100 can be used for oil injection applications for removing rolling element bearings and is suitable for use with SKF Hydraulic Assisted Pullers TMHP series.
Oil container capacity 800 cm³ (48 in³)
Fitted with a pressure gauge
Packed in a sturdy protective case
Supplied with an extra litre of fluid

Hose length 3000 mm
Maximum pressure 1000 bar
Oil container capacity 800 ml
Product weight 13 kg
Volume per stroke 1 ml

Connection nipple G 1/4 quick connection
Pressure gauge yes
Suitable for Drive up method no
Type of pump Single stage
Volume per stroke 1