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PHG T5-500-16
Metric timing belt, T section
Belts provide a very efficient and cost-effective method for transmitting power from prime movers to driven machines. Metric timing belts have teeth that interlock with the corresponding grooves on the pulleys to ensure a constant speed ratio. The combination of high tensile steel cords and a wear-resistant polyurethane rubber cushion provides dimensionally stable and extremely durable high-performance belts.
Synchronous operation with no slippage
Extremely durable and dimensionally stable
Good oil and chemical resistance
Reduced energy consumption and increased mean time between failures

Pitch length 500 mm
Tooth angle 40
Tooth depth 1.2 mm
Tooth height 2.2 mm
Tooth pitch 5 mm
Width 16 mm

Number of teeth 100
Section T5
Sleeve No